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Tia Mowry - No more "Sister, Sister"

We all remember this beautiful face from the hit show Sister, Sister where Tia and Tamera Mowry played twin sisters who were separated at birth, adopted by two different people, and happened to run into each other while out shopping with their adopted parents.  Now, Tia has stepped out into her own and has made a name for herself.

Tia Dashon Mowry-Hardrict was born July 6, 1978 with her twin sister, Tamera Mowry.  She was born in Gelnhausen, West Germany to parents Timothy and Darlene Mowry, both who were U.S. Army sergeants.  She also has two brothers, Tahj and Tavior Mowry.  Tia attended Pepperdine University where she studied psychology.

Tia and her sister knew they were born to be in the spotlight.  The two began entering pageants and talent shows while their parents were stationed in Ft. Hood, Texas.  When they were 12 years old, they moved to Los Angeles after convincing their parents to move to California so they could pursue acting careers.  In 1994, Tia and twin sister Tamera started playing in their very own television show Sister, Sister.  After the show ended in 1999, Tia went on to do voice overs and play roles in other movies and cartoons.  In 2005, Tia Mowry-Hardrict starred in Disney Channel's television movie Twitches as Alex Fielding alongside her sister.  The sequel, Twitches Too, was then released in 2007.  Tia also played Sydney in 2000 movie release Seventeen Again.  She then landed the starring role of television series The Game in 2006 as Melanie Barnett, who was the girlfriend and now the wife of football player Derwin Davis (played by Marion "Pooch" Hall).

Tia Mowry-Hardrict met and dated her now husband, Cory Hardrict.  They were engaged Christmas of 2007 and married April 20, 2008.  The two are expecting their first child (a baby boy) in July of 2011.

Who is Pooch Hall?

Marion "Pooch" Hall was born February 8, 1975 in Brockton, Massachusetts.  Fast-forwarding from his childhood and teenage years, Marion attended University of Massachusetts and Dartmouth where he played football, ran track, and boxed.  This is also where his acting career began.  He got his first bit of experience in acting through the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth Theater Company.  Hall landed his first acting role as a character named Derrick who was a shoplifter in a 2001 movie titled Lift.  He went on to be featured in other films including Black Cloud (2004) and Miracle Boys (2005).  In 2006, his acting career took off after he landed the role of Derwin Davis, which was then CW's television series The Game (now shown on BET).  As if his career isn't already headed in the right direction, Hall is co-starring in a soon to be released movie Jumping the Broom, which hits theaters May 6, 2011.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Jumping the Broom

Check out the trailer for "Jumping the Broom" in theaters May 6th

As The Game's 4th season comes to a close, some of its cast members are preparing for the release of a new movie called Jumping the Broom.  The movie, which is produced by Bishop T.D. Jakes, stars two of BET's The Game's cast member (Pooch Hall and Meagan Goode).  The movie is about two families from two totally different backgrounds coming together as one.  This comes as a result of a member from each family falling in love with each other and preparing to be wed to one another.  Pooch Hall comments, “It’s about families coming together from two different worlds. It’s a great, fun family movie and I’m happy to be a part of it.  There are a lot of issues that all people can relate to and learn from that doesn’t have a color. The bottom line is it’s about unity and family and when you have two people that love each other it doesn’t matter.”

Show your support and see the movie.

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It's Official - The Game will return for a 5th season!!!


BET has officially announced the renewal of BET's hit scripted television series, The Game.  The show will return for a 5th season in January 2012.  It will be back with 22 episodes (instead of the measly 13) and viewers are expecting it to be good.  The show has captured the 18-49 age demographic range and averaged the entire 4th season with 4.18 million viewers each week.  The show originally aired on the CW network and was dropped because of extremely low ratings.  Currently, the show is doing better than the highest ranked TV series on the CW, the Vampire Diaries.

I had no doubt in my mind that there would be another season.  As much as viewers complained about the new attitudes of the characters and how much they liked the previous personalities, they continued to watch because they enjoy the whole "drama" aspect of the show.  In many ways it mimics real life.  I mean, come on... admit it.  We all enjoy a little bit of gossip and action every now and then.  It's crazy when I talk to my friends about the show because it's almost like we know the characters personally.  We're simply catching each other up on the latest news, rumors, and speculations.

All in all, I'm looking forward to the new season.  Everyone stay tuned for season 5 of BET's The Game.

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Sunday, April 10, 2011

What people want from season 5

With the 4th season of The Game having come to an end, the only thing I constantly hear is "When does season 5 begin?"  I, too, am looking forward to the 5th season, but I am expecting a better show.  This season was good, but it wasn't great.  As I've mentioned in previous posts, individuals believed it was "disorganized drama" and some of the issues didn't make any sense.  A number of people have still been ranting and raving about the whole rape issue between Malik and Parker saying that it was very tacky.  Viewers complained about it being a serious issue and should not be portrayed the way it was in the show.  I personally thought it was a dose of reality.  People throw the word "rape" around so casually and threaten to ruin the lives of others by accusing them of it.  Things like this happen and the show just brought it to the forefront.  People also complained about the personality of the characters.  Their personalities were either multiplied by 10 (Malik, Tasha, Kelly) or completely "dummed down" (Jason).  This was a bit annoying because people fell in love with the show through the old characters and enjoyed them being how they were. Hopefully the writers are paying attention to that and will take into consideration the feedback of their fans.  Oh, and let's not forget.... BRING KELLY PITTS BACK!!!

Stay tuned for season 5 of The Game!!!!!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

The Game: Season 4 Episode 13 (Finale) - The Right to Choose

The final show of season 4 has definitely left us all hanging.  Honestly, it was a terrible episode because it left even more unanswered questions than before.  The storyline was completely disorganized and made absolutely no sense.

In this episode:

Tasha Mack has been moving forward since the supposed death of her quick fling, Beau.  To her surprise, she runs into him on the street believing it was a miracle that he was alive.  She gets excited and wraps her arms around him, but he seems a bit hesitant.  Then, two children run up to him calling him daddy.  Tasha is confused and asks him if he has children because he never told her that.  Beau tries to play it off, but then his wife calls to him, "RONNIE!"  Tasha realizes Beau had been lying to her and faked a terminal illness to get with her, when all the while he had a wife and kids.  Instead of acting "ghetto" like the Tasha Mack we all have come to know her as, she gracefully removes herself from the situation.

Malik still has not heard from his ex girlfriend Jenna.  In a desperate attempt to see and talk to her, Malik sets up a fake photo shoot.  He shows up to the "shoot" to talk to her and reveals that it was a set-up.  Jenna finds this to be a low blow because she is trying to salvage whatever is left of her modeling career, which was successful prior to her entering rehab.  She gets upset and walks out.  Later that day, Jenna shows up to Malik's house drunk with a change of heart, wanting to be with him.

Now that the affair Malik and Parker had with each other is out in the open and the coach plans to ruin Malik's career, Malik wants his mother, Tasha Mack, to represent him as his manager again.  Tasha agrees and takes her son back under her wing.  In the meantime, Derwin is not feeling this decision.  He believes that Tasha representing Malik is a conflict of interest and could be damaging to his image and his career.  Of course he doesn't want to tell Tasha to her face, so he boosts Melanie up to do his dirty work.  He tells Melanie he is doing this to "protect the legacy."  Before Melanie could say anything about it, Tasha comes to her and asks what she thinks about her plan to improve Malik's image and revive his career.  When Melanie explains to her how Derwin feels about it, of course it gets out of hand and turns into a heated argument between the two friends.  It ends with Tasha walking out.

Derwin has a new plan for the team.  He wants to meet with Quan Kirkland and get him to sign with Sabers and to be Malik's replacement.  He asks Jason to come along and help him out, but Jason objects.  When Quan shows up to the meeting and sees Jason there, he flatters Jason by telling him how he is his favorite player and has idolized him since he was a kid.  This quickly changes Jason's mind about leaving the meeting.  Ultimately, Quan signs with the Sabers.  When they were announcing Quan's decision, Camille shows up. Her and Jason agree to meet later for dinner.  After she walks away, Camille goes over to Quan and kisses him.  Camille looks over at Jason and tells him WE (her and Quan) will see you tonight.

Derwin decides to take Melanie to a fertility clinic to find out why it is that she can't seem to get pregnant.  As a part of a routine, the doctor asks a set of questions and expects honest answers.  One of the questions he asks Melanie is if she's ever had an abortion.  Her response... "Definantly not."  Once the doctor wraps up and walks out of the room, Derwin asks Melanie, "The abortion...was it mine?"

Stay tuned for season 5 of The Game as the drama heats up.

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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

***Update*** The Game: Season 5???

So, after waiting for the producer of The Game to respond to questions asked on the official Facebook page of the show, it appears there will, in fact, be a season 5.  Just to be sure that I'm not interpreting the answer to the question incorrectly, I am posting VERBATIM the response along with the responses to a number of other questions asked by fans.

Q: Will there be a season 5?
A: We believe If we can get another 7.7 million viewers to watch the finale. Yes! LoL.
Q: Will Kelly be back fulltime on season 5?
A: We don't want to give away any surprises or secrets. Stay tuned for season 5.
Q: Did you base any of the characters on The Game on real athletes?
A: Yes, but we don't kiss and tell :-)
Q: Why haven't Melanie and Derwin had a baby yet?
A: Melanie was very busy with school and now they have been very busy with Derwin's career they just haven't taken the time to have a family yet.
Q: Why are there only 13 episodes this season?
A: We felt it was the right fit for our new home, BET.
Q: When will Tasha stop being so damn mean and lighten up and find love?
A: We took into consideration that she lost Rick and how she lost him. It was her fault and it was a devastating loss for her. Her character had a lot to be angry about and was very angry at herself. So it comes out in her behavior towards others. We all know women and men like this. Dante and Beau both helped her get back to where she was at the end of season 3.
Q: Will Melanie ever get pregnant?
A: You gotta stay tuned. :-)
Q: Will you make the next episodes 1 hour long?
A: We would like it to be, we think it would allow for a better transition from comedy to drama and also give the fans more of what they like as well.
Q: Where is Rick Fox, Pookie, Poochie, Camiille?
A: We would love to have them all back depending on the storylines and availability. There are a lot of people we would like back but the money and time can only go so far. It was important to launch new story arcs for our characters for the audience to get invested in. Like in real life people come in and out of our lives, any character could show up at any time. Thats the way its designed. With Rick who we of course wanted back, he had the opportunity to appear on "Dancing with the Stars". We had to pull him out of season 4 and come up with something else for Tasha to do and we had to adjust Tasha's storyline. That's when We came up with the Dante character.
Q: When will episodes be available on iTunes?
A: I scratch my head wondering why Girlfriends and The Game weren't readily available on itunes. I have asked the question over and over and have never been given an answer. You keep asking and i'll keep asking until we get an answer!
Q: What happened to Jason & Camille?
A: We would love to tell you and explore that in season 5.
Q: Are all the original writers back for season 4?
A: Most of them
Q: Why do we not see Melanie & Derwin kissing on the lips?
A: We have. We saw them kissing a lot when they were on again off again. Now because they are married and a little more settled this year they may not seen as passionate when you compare them to Tasha's and Dante :)
Q: Why do some of the characters seem so stereotypical, tasha's weed, Malik's DUI and rehab stint?
A: If that was all we were showing i would agree that the characters were stereotypical but that's not all that we show of these characters. We show the good the bad and the ugly in our characters. No one is perfect but that doesn't mean that they are not good people. Our storylines exsplore who these characters are and we can understand that it's not always what people like, but its real. At the end of Season 3 it was a season that was the "blooming season" that set up a tumultuous season 4. We know people smoke weed and they are not all black. At least Tasha is getting weed by California law. LOL... Those things happen, we see Malik try to deal with the pain caused from playing football and the pains that comes with becoming a man. But we have also seen Malik begin to treat women like human beings for the first time.
Q: Will Malik stay with the Sabers?
A: Stay tuned!
Q: Why didn't Derwin confirm DJ was his son 2 years ago?
A: Derwin is gullible. Although he thinks he's cool he is still very gullible. He believed that was his son. He was going to step up and be a father to his child, period. He had no doubts so there was no need to get tested? It was Melanie who didn't believe that was his son. Derwin had it all together until Melanie decided she had to know. We thought that was not only funny but a mirror to a lot of us in life.
Q: Will Melanie ever practice medicine?
A: Great question. The heartbeat of the show is will Melanie and Derwin make it in this arena? Now that they are married, will they make it?? Women are giving up their careers to support their husbands, we hope to get into more of that. We believe this question will keep popping up. It's something that we believe is true to today's society. The question of following your dreams, is Melanie less of a person if she doesn't go practice medicine? We are playing around with that. Hopefully there will be more seasons to explore it and how to make it funny.
Q: Since The Game is a spin off Girlfriends, will Joan & the gang ever make an appearance, or will Girlfriends be back so we can finally see Joan get her wedding? Will there ever be a Girlfriends movie?
A: We had an opporunity to get a show on the air. Had i had the choice to not spin it off i would never have spun if off. I believe they are two different worlds, two different tones and two very different shows. The answer is no. We did what we had to go to get it on the air. There's been recent talks of Girlfriends the movie. If the audience keeps asking it will not only keep the talks alive but this time around they may do something about it.
Q: The episodes seem very short, why so many advertisements?
A: They were short on the CW also. Thats not going to change and we hope they make the show an hour.
We will put that in our bag of asks!!!
We want it to be an hour, we want it on itunes, we want it to be in the UK and beyond and we want Girlfriends the movie. We want a bunch of our guest stars back. You shocked the industry with 7.7 million viewers. The more you watch, the more ads BET can sell, the more money they can put into their shows which will hopefully meet the needs of their audience. Hopefully the audience will continue to show up.
Q: Are the lambourghini's rented?
A:  Yes
Q: When will season 4 be released on DVD?
A: We were told there will be a release we don't know the date yet.
Q: When will The Game air in the UK?
A: We don't know. What we've always known is that it's not just an american story its a universal story and it should be played everywhere so please keep asking.
Q: What happened to the comedy on the show, its all drama?
A: We feel that the show is very funny but because we are not producing the show like a normal comedy, the writers were not present during production they way they were in past seasons and we hope to make that change going forward. We knew we were going to have those constraints. It was an artistic choice to explore this idea that everyone thinks they want to be rich and famous but really don't give thought to the toll it takes on you personally. We try to show you what its like in this world, It's not always going to be fun and games. But next season will be the funniest season ever.
Q: What happened to the football part of the show?
A: There are some seasons we are more entrenched in the football part of it. This season we chose to do the off-season world. "In season" episodes were very challenging and very costly. We hope to get back on the field soon.
Does BET have anything to do with production, writing or any say in how The Game has changed since season 3?
- They have been very supportive in what we wanted to do. To produce 13 episodes is not easy. We had a new crew and were in a new location. It was important for us to maintain quality control. We essentially shot the show like an indepdendent film. We are very proud out of the outcome and BET was very supportive and understanding of the entire journey.
Q: Why did you choose not to continue where season 3 left off?
A: Our show really likes to be authentic and we felt that with a 2 year hiatus it wouldn't be authentic if we chose to continue where season 3 left off. There are a lot of cultural changes that have happened in the last two years. Twitter/social networking is a good example of that. In order to keep the show authentic we had to incorporate a lot of these cultural changes. It's kept people talking and engaged in the show which is what we want.

If you have not already, follow The Game on Twitter and Facebook.!/BETTheGame!/pages/The-Game/49362631000

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The Game: Season 5???

I have been searching the Net to find out whether or not there will be a season 5 to The Game.  Of course, I can't find the answer to that question, but it's pretty obvious that there will be.  It will be nearly impossible for the show's finale to tie up all of the loose ends.  I also read on The Game's Facebook page that Tuesday night's episode will be great (of course they will say that) and there will be a surprise cliffhanger.  Cliffhangers typically forshadow another season.

The person who moderates the Facebook page for the show has given the viewers an opportunity to ask questions for the producer to answer.  As of now, there are 2,434... and counting.  The most popular questions:
  1. Will there be a season 5?
  2. What happened to Kelly Pitts?
  3. Since Tia Mowry (Melanie) is pregnant in real life, does that mean her and Derwin will have a baby?
  4. Can the episodes be an hour instead of 30 minutes?
  5. Why was the season so short?
I'm anxious to find out the answers to all of these questions and more.  Stay tuned to BET for The Game season finale on Tuesday March 29 at 10pm ET/PT.

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The Game: Season 4 Episode 12 - Death Becomes Her

As the fourth season of The Game comes to an end, we are left wondering how all of the drama will be wrapped up.  There are so many problems that have been brought to the forefront, yet so many of these problems have not been solved.  I'm sure many of us are anxious to see how the season will end with the final episode airing on Tuesday March 29, 2011.

In this episode, Derwin tries to pull Malik out of his slump caused by Malik and Jenna's breakup.  Malik is extremely depressed over this, but manages to avoid using drugs and alcohol as his comfort as he had done in the past.  Derwin convinces him to go speak with the coach and apologize.  He accompanies Malik as support.  The coach is unforgiving and reiterates that this was his WIFE that Malik was sleeping with.  Derwin tries to mediate the situation, but at the same time he understands what the coach is going through because he too has a wife.  In the end, the coach basically threatens the rest of Malik's career.

Tasha Mack meets a new man, Beau, who is terminally ill.  She has a new outlook on life and surprisingly is greatly appreciative of the time she spends with him.  Instead of running away, Tasha embraces the adventure and fun that she has with him.  The two spend their time fulfilling their "bucket list" of things to do before they die.  Sadly, Beau and Tasha were unable to finish them together; however Beau left her with a greater appreciation of life.

The beloved couple, Melanie and Derwin, have a new task on their "to-do-list" and that is make a baby.  Melanie has gone baby crazy and is doing everything she can to make sure she is able to conceive.  She passes on drinks, take ovulation tests, monitors her temperature, and anything else she can think of.  To many it may seem she is jealous because Janay has Derwin's first child, so she is just having a baby to "make things even."  Tasha offers her sound advice... stop trying to force it.  Focus on loving her husband and if it's meant to happen, it will.

Let's see how the season finale ends.  Tune in to BET's The Game on Tuesday night a 10p ET/PT.

Until next time.... Check out Miss P's review of this episode!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Season 4 nearing the end...

As season 4 of The Game nears its finish, I wonder how all of the drama will be wrapped up.  12 episodes does not seem to be enough time to tie up the loose ends.  Nothing else has been heard about the Janay, Melanie, and Derwin situation.  Nothing was ever solved and the show just moved on from it.  I'm also wondering what happened with the Kelly.  She left Brittany with her dad, Jason Pitts, and disappeared.  Then, of course there is the situation between Malik, Jenna, Parker, and the coach along with Tasha Mack and Dante's problems.

I sure hope the final two episodes are able to provide some sort of closure, although I believe it is near impossible.  The episodes are way too short.  Who knows... Maybe this just keeps our eyes open for a season 5.

Stay tuned to BET's The Game on Tuesday nights at 10pm ET/PT.

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The Game: Season 4 Episode 11 - Never Surrender

In this episode of the game, Malik and his mother, Tasha Mack, are the center of the show.  Here is what happened...

Tasha Mack has clearly NOT told anyone that her and Dante broke up.  Melanie convinces her to throw a huge 25th birthday bash for him.  Instead of being honest, Tasha goes along with it and invites various stars and a number of the most elite.  Even more silly, Dante doesn't know about the party.  When the time comes for the party, Tasha pretends that Dante is somewhere in the room.  Her little secret almost came out when it came time to sing happy birthday.  Everybody was looking around for Dante, and right when Tasha got ready to spill it, he shows up and saves her.  Somehow he heard about it and was able to rescue Tasha from embarrassment.

At the party, other drama is taking place in the midst of Tasha Mack's.  Malik is there with his girlfriend and Parker is there with her husband.  Parker is still pursuing Malik, but he is seriously trying to move and and do right by Jenna.  He is blackmailed into the bathroom by Parker, who threatened to accuse him of rape if he didn't meet her in there.  She starts kissing on Malik and trying to take his clothes off, but he does his best to keep her from going too far.  He turns it around and tells her that she's only doing this because of the problems she has with her husband.  He continues to tell her she deserves better.

Later, outside of the party, Malik and Jenna see Parker and her husband arguing.  Unfortunately, he walked out at the wrong time because Parker revealed the affair to her husband.  Jenna gets upset and runs off while the coach tells Malik he'll pay for this.

Stay tuned to BET's The Game to see what happens next on Tuesday at 10pm ET/PT.

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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Rebellious children and their excuses...

Maybe I am treading on thin ice when I bring up this topic, but I believe it is one that needs to be addressed.  In episode 9 of season 4 of The Game, Brittany demonstrates extremely rebellious behavior.  Many individuals were probably sitting and looking at their television screens saying how they would beat her, slap her, send her back to her mom, send her to boarding school, or whatever their form of discipline is.  My question is, what happens when your child looks at you and says it's because of the separation or divorce of her parents?  What happens when he or she says it has affected her and caused them to act out?

I believe a lot of children are hurt, but I don't think it necessarily causes them to be rebellious.  Yes, there is the longing for that other parent, but I think it's nothing but an excuse that they use to play on their parent's feelings to make them feel horrible and feel like they have to compensate for that separation by reducing the severity of discipline or eliminating it all together.  Teenagers are especially able to use this excuse because they generally understand better than younger children.

To avoid this situation I think it is important for parents to talk to their children and tell them how much they love them.  Make them feel more secure by explaining that both parents will take care of them, but both will not be in the same house.  Explain what each of the parent's roles will be and be sensitive to the child's feelings.  When the child cries or asks for that other parent, don't just brush it off.  Talk to them and help them cope.

Stay tuned to The Game on BET at 10pm ET/PT every Tuesday night.

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The Game: Season 4 Episode 10 - Whip It, Whip It Good

     In this episode of The Game Kelly and Jason's daughter, Brittany Pitts, is given her time to shine and it isn't  positive.  She is an obnoxious and rebellious 13-year-old who plays on her parents by using their divorce as an excuse for her terrible behavior.  Brittany pretends to have painful menstrual cramps in order to miss school.  Obviously it wasn't that serious because she treats herself and friends to lunch using her father's credit card.
     Later, Jason wants to go out for a game of golf with Magic Johnson and asks Melanie to babysit Brittany for him.  Melanie refused so he resorted to begging Tasha Mack.  Eventually, Tasha agrees.  While watching Brittany, Tasha Mack has a friend over putting a ridiculous weave in her head.  Later she realizes Brittany has downloaded $200 worth of stuff to her computer using her credit card.  Tasha also realizes that a bag of weed is missing from her purse and questions Brittany.  Brittany denies stealing it from Tasha's purse and calls Tasha a "crackhead."  When Jason, her father, comes to pick her up she tells him.  Jason gets upset with Tasha and storms out.
     When Jason gets home he looks in Brittany's purse.  Lo and behold he finds the missing bag of weed in his daughter's purse.  At this moment he faces the reality that his child is out of control and vows to watch her every move.  He proves his seriousness by throwing all of her "skanky" clothes away and quitting his job.

Find out what happens next by tuning in to The Game every Tuesday night at 10pm ET/PT on BET.

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Sunday, March 6, 2011


Season 4 Episode 8 of The Game was a spicy one.  The hottest topic of the episode?  THREESOMES!  When checking my own Facebook newsfeed, as well as the feed of my boyfriend's, I noticed that everyone was going on and on and on about this hot topic.  It seemed to me that most females were against them while it was clearly every guy's dream.  Many female's could relate to the way Melanie felt while watching another woman being sexual with her husband.  I, personally, am not interested in sharing my spouse with ANYONE.  He, on the other hand, admits that it is one of those things that most guys think about, but many actually do not act on it.  If it were to happen, he believes it is only ok if there is another woman involved.  If it were a man...NOT HAPPENING.  It's kind of hypocritical if you ask me.

One of the greatest insecurities among my friends, after taking a poll about threesomes, is the possibility of the sexual relationship continuing beyond what was agreed on.  Maybe their significant other will enjoy the third party more.  You take on a great risk when inviting someone else into your relationship.  My advice...KEEP OTHERS OUT OF IT.

Stay tuned to The Game every Tuesday at 10pm ET/PT only on BET.

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The Game: Season 4 Episode 9 - A Very Special Episode

In this episode of The Game the beloved couple, Melanie and Derwin, is back as the center of attention.  Along with them, Malik and his issues are also in the spotlight.  Here's what happend:

Malik:  He goes on the Monique Show to discuss how he has finished up rehab and is working on getting himself together.  He is also focused on football and his fresh relationship with a super model that he met in rehab, Jenna.  Later, Malik goes to the club and runs into Parker, his coach's wife.  The two have a small confrontation after Malik declines Parker's sexual advances.  She gets upset and leaves, but it's not over.  That evening he goes back to his hotel room only to find Parker laying in bed with one of his Jersey's on.  Malik continues to reject Parker's advances, so she threatens to call her husband and tell him the truth.  Malik tells her that wouldn't be a good idea because her husband would probably divorce her and he's sure that in the prenup there is an infidelity clause.  Instead, Parker resorts to trashing the hotel room and screaming "RAPE" at the top of her lungs.  To stop her from making a scene and getting him in trouble, Malik unhappily gives in.

Melanie and Derwin:  After all countless pieces of fan mail, women's underwear, and nude photos sent to Derwin, Melanie becomes more concerned about her sex life with her husband.  She seeks guidance from a fellow Sunbeam who suggests a threesome.  The two go to a club to scout women for the job, but it seems there are no prospects.  Just when Melanie is about to forget about it, a woman comes up and strikes up a conversation because she recognizes Melanie's face from the cover of a magazine.  Melanie asks questions to get to know the girl and then asks if she would be interested in a threesome with herself and Derwin.  The girl, named Anthea, gladly accepts.  When the night comes, Derwin is turned on by Melanie's "dominatrix" act.  She ties him to the bed and blindfolds him.  She then brings out Anthea, who begins kissing and licking on Derwin.  He doesn't know that it's not Melanie, but he is enjoying it.  Melanie can't stand to watch and sends Anthea on her way.  Before Anthea leaves, she kisses Melanie.  Melanie looks stunned.

To see what happens next, stay tuned to BET's The Game every Tuesday night at 10pm ET/PT.

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Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Game: Season 4 Episode 8 - You Say Goodbye, I Say Hello

Again, this episode of The Game does not focus on Melanie and Dewin.  The other characters are given more time to shine.  I think this is a smart move on the show's behalf because it keeps viewers from getting bored with the same thing.  So, here is what happened...

Malik:  Finally he has a breakthrough.  He is finally ready to admit to and face his problem.  This was all with the help and support of a young model who is in rehab with him.  Malik realizes he needs to change and begins taking steps toward doing so.  First step - repairng the relationship with his best friend.  Malik goes to TT's wing truck and apologizes for sleeping with his girlfriend.  Much to his surprise, TT and the girl are still together.  TT couldn't have said it any better: "The heart wants what the heart wants."

Cast Members of The Game
Jason and Kelly:  Kelly is finally able to admit to Jason that she is having a hard time letting go.  After her attempts to embarass him for her reality show "Ex-Baller's Wives," Jason pulls the plug on her show by reminding her of the terms of their divorce.  If she airs the show, Kelly would be in breach of confidentiality.  As she fails to find a new focus for her show, she messes up when she goes after rapper Fabulous at an album release party.  She dances like a "hoochie" on camera and it all ends up on the Internet on the hot booty list.  Kelly's daughter, Brittany, sees this and mimics her mothers actions by taking pictures in a bikini and posting them on the Internet.  The outrages Jason who decides if Kelly does not stop her shennanigans, he will ask for full custody of their daughter.  In the end, Kelly realizes that she is being ridiculous and decides to get herself together.  She asked Jason to take care of their daughter while she straightens things out with herself, to which Jason agrees.

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Torn in Between the Two: Melanie or Janay?

So far in Season 4 of the game, there seems to be no ending of the fued between Derwin's wife, Melanie, and his son's mother, Janay.  Honestly, I think he is torn between the two.  Melanie has been by his side since day one.  Of course they have problems, but what normal relationship doesn't?  She supports him in everything that he does and always tries to help him think before he makes decisions.  Although he bore a child with another woman, she supports him and his relationship with his son despite the pain that she feels.

Janay and Melanie

Janay is the mother of Derwin's son.  Athough she has not been around as long as Melanie, she represents the possibilites... The possibility that there are other women out there that could love and care for Derwin because of who he is and not for what he has.  She is the daughter of a wealthy father, so money has never been an issue for her.  Janay wants a family.  You know the cliche, "a husband, child, dog, and house with a white picket fence."

So, who do you think Derwin will ultimately end up with by season's end?  Will he remain married to Melanie or will he choose to experience the possibilities with Janay?  Stay tuned to The Game every Tuesday night at 10pm ET/PT on BET.

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Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Game: Season 4 Episode 7 - Don't You Know Who I Was?

The time has come for The Game to change focus. It used to be that the series would focus on the show's beloved couple, Melanie and Derwin, but their drama has mellowed out for a little bit to allow the show to focus on the other characters. Tasha Mack, Kelly Pitts, and Malik Wright's issues receive the spotlight in this episode.

Tasha Mack: Her relationship with Dante seems to be going well, but now her ex boyfriend Rick Fox has squeezed himself into the picture. He calls Tasha and asks her to dinner, which she agrees to. Tasha lies to her younger boyfriend, Dante, by telling him she's having a night out with the Sunbeams because she doesn't want him to know that she is going out with him. Unfortunately, Dante finds out because Rick Fox calls Tasha's cell phone and because he can't reach her on it, he calls the house. Dante answers and Rick Fox tells him that he can't meet Tasha for dinner. Dante shows up to the restaurant upset because Tasha has lied to him and gives her back the key to her place.

Kelly Pitts: She has painted this picture through her new reality show that she is happy and has moved on from Jason Pitts. Everyone has a hard time believing this because she continues to hold on to the things that connect her to him, including the Sunbeams. Kelly invades a Sunbeams meeting with her cameras and invites herself to their ladies' night out, which annoys the members. Melanie is forced to tell her that they do not want her around and, of course Kelly is hurt by this.

Malik Wright: He decides to check himself out of rehab because he continues to believe he does not have a problem. Jason and Derwin, his friends and teammates, find him and try to convince him that he needs to go back and get help. Malik gets upset and takes a swing at Derwin, which he misses. Derwin, on the other hand, doesn't miss and returns the hit that lands right in Malik's face and knocks him out. After regaining consciousness and repeatedly declining, Malik finally listens to his teammates and checks himself back in.

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The Game: Season 4 Episode 6 - Men In Crisis

In this episode the drama picks up again.  Derwin has Melanie thinking he is spending his days in court going back and for with Janay about child support and other matters about their son, DJ.  In the meantime, Melanie thinks it's a good idea for her and Derwin to take DJ to Disneyland.  Of course Derwin has to check with his son's mother, but he neglects to tell her that Melanie would be coming along.  Janay agrees.

Melanie is having lunch with Tasha and Kelly when Janay walks in.  Melanie decides to go over and thank her for allowing DJ to go to Disneyland with her and Derwin, but much to her surprise Janay knew nothing about Melanie going.  Derwin had told her that it would be only him and DJ.  Janay also tells Melanie that her and Derwin have not been going to court and that Derwin has been coming over to her house swimming in her pool and cooking steaks on the grill.  All of this is news to Melanie's ears and upsets her.

After the lunch Janay decides to take it a little further and email Melanie the home video footage of herself, Derwin, and DJ spending time together.  When Derwin comes home,  Melanie confronts him about it.  He is left speechless and the only thing left to do is apologize.  Melanie is somewhat appeased when she asks if he slept with Janay and his response is no.  She forgives Derwin.

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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Who is responsible for "The Game"?

Mara Brock Akil is the creator and executive producer of the hit television series, The Game.  Prior to the show, she had already been a part of other successful television series.  She was one of the writers and supervising producer of two popular shows, Moesha and The Jamie Foxx Show.  She also created, as well as produced (along with Kelsey Grammer), the hit series for UPN Girlfriends.

With all of these successful shows under her belt, it should be no surprise that she was able to create a show that sparked so much interest and left such an impression on its viewers that it could be revived after 2 years of being off air.  I'm sure much of this has to do with her creativity and her clear responsiveness to what the viewers want.

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