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***Update*** The Game: Season 5???

So, after waiting for the producer of The Game to respond to questions asked on the official Facebook page of the show, it appears there will, in fact, be a season 5.  Just to be sure that I'm not interpreting the answer to the question incorrectly, I am posting VERBATIM the response along with the responses to a number of other questions asked by fans.

Q: Will there be a season 5?
A: We believe If we can get another 7.7 million viewers to watch the finale. Yes! LoL.
Q: Will Kelly be back fulltime on season 5?
A: We don't want to give away any surprises or secrets. Stay tuned for season 5.
Q: Did you base any of the characters on The Game on real athletes?
A: Yes, but we don't kiss and tell :-)
Q: Why haven't Melanie and Derwin had a baby yet?
A: Melanie was very busy with school and now they have been very busy with Derwin's career they just haven't taken the time to have a family yet.
Q: Why are there only 13 episodes this season?
A: We felt it was the right fit for our new home, BET.
Q: When will Tasha stop being so damn mean and lighten up and find love?
A: We took into consideration that she lost Rick and how she lost him. It was her fault and it was a devastating loss for her. Her character had a lot to be angry about and was very angry at herself. So it comes out in her behavior towards others. We all know women and men like this. Dante and Beau both helped her get back to where she was at the end of season 3.
Q: Will Melanie ever get pregnant?
A: You gotta stay tuned. :-)
Q: Will you make the next episodes 1 hour long?
A: We would like it to be, we think it would allow for a better transition from comedy to drama and also give the fans more of what they like as well.
Q: Where is Rick Fox, Pookie, Poochie, Camiille?
A: We would love to have them all back depending on the storylines and availability. There are a lot of people we would like back but the money and time can only go so far. It was important to launch new story arcs for our characters for the audience to get invested in. Like in real life people come in and out of our lives, any character could show up at any time. Thats the way its designed. With Rick who we of course wanted back, he had the opportunity to appear on "Dancing with the Stars". We had to pull him out of season 4 and come up with something else for Tasha to do and we had to adjust Tasha's storyline. That's when We came up with the Dante character.
Q: When will episodes be available on iTunes?
A: I scratch my head wondering why Girlfriends and The Game weren't readily available on itunes. I have asked the question over and over and have never been given an answer. You keep asking and i'll keep asking until we get an answer!
Q: What happened to Jason & Camille?
A: We would love to tell you and explore that in season 5.
Q: Are all the original writers back for season 4?
A: Most of them
Q: Why do we not see Melanie & Derwin kissing on the lips?
A: We have. We saw them kissing a lot when they were on again off again. Now because they are married and a little more settled this year they may not seen as passionate when you compare them to Tasha's and Dante :)
Q: Why do some of the characters seem so stereotypical, tasha's weed, Malik's DUI and rehab stint?
A: If that was all we were showing i would agree that the characters were stereotypical but that's not all that we show of these characters. We show the good the bad and the ugly in our characters. No one is perfect but that doesn't mean that they are not good people. Our storylines exsplore who these characters are and we can understand that it's not always what people like, but its real. At the end of Season 3 it was a season that was the "blooming season" that set up a tumultuous season 4. We know people smoke weed and they are not all black. At least Tasha is getting weed by California law. LOL... Those things happen, we see Malik try to deal with the pain caused from playing football and the pains that comes with becoming a man. But we have also seen Malik begin to treat women like human beings for the first time.
Q: Will Malik stay with the Sabers?
A: Stay tuned!
Q: Why didn't Derwin confirm DJ was his son 2 years ago?
A: Derwin is gullible. Although he thinks he's cool he is still very gullible. He believed that was his son. He was going to step up and be a father to his child, period. He had no doubts so there was no need to get tested? It was Melanie who didn't believe that was his son. Derwin had it all together until Melanie decided she had to know. We thought that was not only funny but a mirror to a lot of us in life.
Q: Will Melanie ever practice medicine?
A: Great question. The heartbeat of the show is will Melanie and Derwin make it in this arena? Now that they are married, will they make it?? Women are giving up their careers to support their husbands, we hope to get into more of that. We believe this question will keep popping up. It's something that we believe is true to today's society. The question of following your dreams, is Melanie less of a person if she doesn't go practice medicine? We are playing around with that. Hopefully there will be more seasons to explore it and how to make it funny.
Q: Since The Game is a spin off Girlfriends, will Joan & the gang ever make an appearance, or will Girlfriends be back so we can finally see Joan get her wedding? Will there ever be a Girlfriends movie?
A: We had an opporunity to get a show on the air. Had i had the choice to not spin it off i would never have spun if off. I believe they are two different worlds, two different tones and two very different shows. The answer is no. We did what we had to go to get it on the air. There's been recent talks of Girlfriends the movie. If the audience keeps asking it will not only keep the talks alive but this time around they may do something about it.
Q: The episodes seem very short, why so many advertisements?
A: They were short on the CW also. Thats not going to change and we hope they make the show an hour.
We will put that in our bag of asks!!!
We want it to be an hour, we want it on itunes, we want it to be in the UK and beyond and we want Girlfriends the movie. We want a bunch of our guest stars back. You shocked the industry with 7.7 million viewers. The more you watch, the more ads BET can sell, the more money they can put into their shows which will hopefully meet the needs of their audience. Hopefully the audience will continue to show up.
Q: Are the lambourghini's rented?
A:  Yes
Q: When will season 4 be released on DVD?
A: We were told there will be a release we don't know the date yet.
Q: When will The Game air in the UK?
A: We don't know. What we've always known is that it's not just an american story its a universal story and it should be played everywhere so please keep asking.
Q: What happened to the comedy on the show, its all drama?
A: We feel that the show is very funny but because we are not producing the show like a normal comedy, the writers were not present during production they way they were in past seasons and we hope to make that change going forward. We knew we were going to have those constraints. It was an artistic choice to explore this idea that everyone thinks they want to be rich and famous but really don't give thought to the toll it takes on you personally. We try to show you what its like in this world, It's not always going to be fun and games. But next season will be the funniest season ever.
Q: What happened to the football part of the show?
A: There are some seasons we are more entrenched in the football part of it. This season we chose to do the off-season world. "In season" episodes were very challenging and very costly. We hope to get back on the field soon.
Does BET have anything to do with production, writing or any say in how The Game has changed since season 3?
- They have been very supportive in what we wanted to do. To produce 13 episodes is not easy. We had a new crew and were in a new location. It was important for us to maintain quality control. We essentially shot the show like an indepdendent film. We are very proud out of the outcome and BET was very supportive and understanding of the entire journey.
Q: Why did you choose not to continue where season 3 left off?
A: Our show really likes to be authentic and we felt that with a 2 year hiatus it wouldn't be authentic if we chose to continue where season 3 left off. There are a lot of cultural changes that have happened in the last two years. Twitter/social networking is a good example of that. In order to keep the show authentic we had to incorporate a lot of these cultural changes. It's kept people talking and engaged in the show which is what we want.

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  1. I've been searching the net and paying attention to the show's Twitter & Facebook account. BET has not set a date for airing season 5.

  2. Yesterday they announced that the show will be back for a 5th season in January 2012 with 22 episodes :)

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