Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Game: Season 5???

I have been searching the Net to find out whether or not there will be a season 5 to The Game.  Of course, I can't find the answer to that question, but it's pretty obvious that there will be.  It will be nearly impossible for the show's finale to tie up all of the loose ends.  I also read on The Game's Facebook page that Tuesday night's episode will be great (of course they will say that) and there will be a surprise cliffhanger.  Cliffhangers typically forshadow another season.

The person who moderates the Facebook page for the show has given the viewers an opportunity to ask questions for the producer to answer.  As of now, there are 2,434... and counting.  The most popular questions:
  1. Will there be a season 5?
  2. What happened to Kelly Pitts?
  3. Since Tia Mowry (Melanie) is pregnant in real life, does that mean her and Derwin will have a baby?
  4. Can the episodes be an hour instead of 30 minutes?
  5. Why was the season so short?
I'm anxious to find out the answers to all of these questions and more.  Stay tuned to BET for The Game season finale on Tuesday March 29 at 10pm ET/PT.

Until next time....


  1. The fifth season will premier its first episode January 2012